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Kodi VS Netflix Whitch One Is The Best?

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Kodi VS Netflix  Whitch One Is The Best?
Netflix is one of the biggest companies in the world, running what is certainly the biggest streaming service in existence, but how does it compare to Kodi?If you think that Netflix is all that, then you definitely haven’t yet tried Kodi.


Netflix makes its money by charging its subscribers a monthly fee of $8.99 to access their library of streaming videos. Until recently, the monthly fee was only $7.99. As they add more movies and sign more contracts with movie stars like Adam Sandler the price will most likely continue to increase. They have launched lots of original content that takes large sums of money to produce. Along with the increasing cost, there are many shows that are not available on Netflix due to conflicts between the production companies and Netflix.


KODI is a free program that is developed by the KODI (formerly XBMC) team. KODI is a program that was originally developed as an open source home theater system to help users access their media files and play them on one platform instead of having to use many different ones. The benefit of these platforms is that once they are available, users can tailor them to help fit their needs. This has certainly been the case with the KODI platform. Third-party developers have created their own apps or “add-ons” available on KODI. This led to the platform evolving from a home theater system to a platform that you can use to watch content from the Internet.
This has expanded to the point where there are now over 1,000 KODI add-ons that can be installed on your Element Ti4 Android TV Box.

Bottom Line
Kodi – as long as you’re somewhat comfortable around technology, it will change your life, giving you access to literally anything you could ever dream of watching, in almost any language, basically turning the entire internet into your own personal video-on-demand system, and it’s legal to use.
Netflix – it’s cool at first, but after about a month you’ll start having trouble finding something good to watch, and although it’s easy to use and affordable, you won’t find many of the biggest blockbuster hits in its library.
Available Content
Kodi – every movie and television show ever made, live television, live sports, international content and much more!

Netflix – limited selection of movies and television shows (depends on region).
Content Sources
Kodi – thousands of online streaming web sites.

Netflix – licensed content.
User Interface
Kodi – somewhat easy to use.

Netflix – very easy to use.
Monthly Price
Kodi – free of charge.

Netflix – $9.99 for 2 devices.
Active Users

Kodi – estimated 15 million.
Netflixestimated 77 million.

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